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Vetreria Deserto was founded in 1975, starting from Mr. Deserto’s entrepreneurial project and vision. Within a few years, the company has significantly strengthened its positioning in the plate glass  manufacturing and transformation industry, establishing itself as one of the main competitors in the national market.
Since its start Vetreria Deserto has been characterized by a significant investment orientation and an extremely high innovation rate.
Thanks to the purchasing of the beveling and engraving machines, the company was in the 80s a pioneer in cut glass production and special manufacturing, which would experience a great expansion in the following years.
Due to the success of these investments, the company lived a moment of significant growth between the end of the ‘80s and the beginning of the ‘90s, culminated in the expansion of the productive area in 1988 and the move to the current industrial area of Latiano, Brindisi in the south of Italy. In 1992, when the area was not completely developed, the company was already investing in a further  enlargement, made necessary by the purchasing of new plants for more complex processing.
The ‘90s were the years of business conversion, imposed by emerging industry trends, which led the company to definitely focus on the production of insulating glass, which still represent Vetreria Deserto’s core business.
Starting from 2000 some important investments followed, which finally consecrated the firm among the leading players in the Italian glass transformation competitive scenario.
In year 2004 the company was endowed with an automatic warehouse, which is allowing it to quickly satisfy the most sophisticated and varied needs in the construction and interior design industries. Thanks to the following investment in the temper plant, Vetreria Deserto  pursued a differentiation strategy in the production of safety products, which now represent a great competitive advantage for the company.
Far from representing a definite goal, the results achieved until this moment are the starting point for the implementation of ambitious projects aimed at consolidating Vetreria Deserto’s position in the Italian market, expanding it to foreign countries and developing new areas of business.


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