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Nowadays noise appears to be one of the main causes of stress and mental illness. The much-desired peace is frequently perturbed by an incessant shellfire of sounds, harming the health of people exposed, due to the sense of agitation they create.
This theme has called for a thorough reflection on the necessity and the opportunity to implement all necessary measures to reduce the sources of noise on one hand and to improve the acoustic comfort of buildings on the other one, by increasing the sound insulation of separating elements of living and working environments.
The construction industry, and as a consequence, the glass manufacturing one, have  therefore been involved in the development of a new technological concept focused on the use of new kinds of building components.
Among these innovations the rise of sound protection glasses can be counted, for which Vetreria Deserto has been listing in a position of absolute leadership, especially in reference to Silence Laminated Glass , which best meet the needs of noise reduction. These products are composed of two crystals joined by a plastic (polyvinyl butyral, or PVB), especially designed to improve the insulating power of the glass.
Even simple insulating glass can be used to obtain satisfactory levels of noise reduction.Iits action is particularly effective when it’ s made of laminated sheets of different thickness.
Through the use of double glazing, the needs of sound insulation can be combined with those of thermal insulation, solar control and security.


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