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The sudden rise in the cost of energy, caused by the progressive depletion of oil reserves and the still partial exploitation of alternative sources of energy is a particularly hot topic nowadays and is likely to have a significant impact on the daily life of our community in the next few years.
In this context, the responsible management of resources and the minimization of waste assume a critical role. In light of this, Vetreria Deserto has decided to embrace a sustainable manufacturing process and to promote original solutions, able to grant important energy savings, thus focusing on the production of insulating glass.
The company portfolio currently includes:

Conventional insulating glass: this product is made up of two clear float glasses with an internal gap filled by dried air. In this way, the glass is able to ensure a thermal insulation about twice higher than that of a single glass.

Glass for enhanced thermal insulation: research and technological development in the glass industry have led to very high levels of insulation through the use of low-emission glass and the replacement of the dried air contained in the gap with higher insulating gases as argon and krypton.
The higher efficiency of these windows is evident: their performance is about 6 times higher than that of a single glass and 3 times higher than that of a double glazing.

Warm Edge glass: A further solution available to those who want to take advantage of insulating glass and grant even higher standards of thermal insulation is the new and innovative Warm-Edge profile, a special separator consisting of higher insulating material compared to traditional metal gaps. This separator further reduces the thermal transmittance of insulating glass, improving it by 10% compared to traditional cavity, thus preventing the creation of condensation on the glass edges of windows . Vetreria Deserto  is currently one of the  Warme Edge glass’ main producers at national level.

Selective glass: this particular kind of glass products, whose benefits  are particularly valued in the production of insulating glass units, perform the function of thermal insulation and Solar Factor, a term used to describe the rate of heat passing through a glass wall in relation to incident energy.  Thanks to this, selective glasses provide a perfect thermal insulation during winter, while ensuring heat protection from the outside during summer, allowing natural light to pass through. This leads to a wellbeing sensation all year long,  granting comfort, natural light, energy saving in any season.



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